Daily Archives: June 7, 2017

Personal Security: How to Keep a Healthy Perspective on Threat, Vulnerability and your Safety

Entering the arena of international business today is a risk not just to your company’s capital, or resources but also to the personal security of you and your employees who travel abroad. In the not too distant past, this dictum applied only to hostile third-world environments fraught with insurgencies, terrorism, or political upheaval. Sadly, personal risk to life and limb can just as easily apply in Europe, where normally safe tourist destinations or concert halls […]

What Is Your Design Goal: A Security System or an Operational Solution?

Although this may sound like a simple concept, it’s surprisingly misunderstood and overlooked. From an owner’s point of view, there is a business purpose that drives their definition of value. Almost invariably, where security solutions are employed, they must be in support of a larger business mission. It is what owners expect, whether stated explicitly or not. At Butchko, we understand this dynamic and when we engage, we ensure there is a value discussion as […]