Butchko Inc sources multiple agents of information, market intelligence and best-in-class technology. We take on the task of vetting their information/services/technology, how they deliver it, and, ultimately, how it serves you in your market, your unique needs and your unique mission. The following have been selected as leading agents of change in their chosen fields. Their services and products can be leveraged as we engage you in your security planning and project execution.


ASG is the premier independent provider of risk, resilience, and security solutions. Through a Global Security Network of partners, ASG delivers end-to-end security program services that drive value and mitigate risk. For over 50 years, ASG has been providing engineering excellence, world class service, and security expertise to premier regional, national, and global organizations.

W-Strategic Innovation

W-Strategic Innovation provides professional development, strategic planning, crisis management, as well as security and intelligence products, to global companies in Mexico and Latin America. W-Strategic Innovation understands the complexity of today’s Mexico and Latin America threat environment and what it takes to counteract these threats. We provide detailed, in-depth and continuously updated information and intelligence from the most reliable local, national and international sources. Our professional team of experts comprise career intelligence professionals from the special operations, law enforcement and intelligence communities in the USA, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. Professional support services include: Consulting, Advisory and Training; Cyber Security and Critical Communications; HUMINT, GEOINT, OSINT, FININT and Actionable Intelligence; Critical Infrastructure Protection and Social Engineering.

Safeguards Consulting

Safeguards Consulting specializes in Physical Security Technology Design and Consulting. They have extensive experience with all aspects of physical security designs and engineering support. Safeguards Consulting provides technology planning, design, and construction reviews for medium to large facilities. Safeguards Consulting is made up of professionals with extensive design and consulting experience with global engineering and construction companies. We specialize in supporting a complete facility design, using CPTED and technology solutions to provide an environment that deters crime and unauthorized use.