Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders

Butchko has created a highly leveraged business model through a rich ecosystem of subject matter expertise around the world. We merge the expertise with our rigorous methodology and standards allowing us to quickly identify and map the resources you need at the time and place you need it. Thus our team, with experience in its principals, engineering and project management staff, and our extended global network provide the foundation for managing a broad range of projects as well as supplementing or directing your existing programs.

Benjamin M. Butchko, CPP

Benjamin is an accomplished senior security executive with proven skill sets in the field of security risk analysis, threat assessments, security consulting, system design, and project planning for national and international building clients. Mr. Butchko's expertise has been applied in diverse markets such as petrochemical, industrial, medical, corporate, and science research industries. His thought leadership and expertise is in demand at security industry events and forums on such subjects as security assessment, strategic planning, design, and deployment. Benjamin Butchko has developed and executed numerous security strategies, CPTED, risk assessment evaluation, system commissioning and operations integration. Clients see him as a key advisor to their short and long term strategic planning. As President and CEO of Butchko Inc. he guides the mission of the company and ensures that the client’s sustainable value is paramount in any project we take on.

Walter "Cal" Smith

Cal is an accomplished tactical security officer and security system engineer. He specializes in protecting high value operations in high-threat situations. He combines practical expertise and experience in field security operations with engineering analysis on sensor systems and integrated security technology. Cal has demonstrated experience in the analysis of security risk, specialized technology countermeasures, explosive ordinance disposal, reliability analysis, sensor characterization, and project management.