This issue of The Eight Questions addresses key elements of a testing plan for new processes or technology systems.  Just because the supplier says they did a good job and should be compensated, is that good enough for your organization?  Understanding and applying proven project management principles along with business acumen will serve you well.  These questions get you started on a pathway to operational success! Download the full document –

Understanding & Preventing Tragedy in Outdoor Public Areas

A Manhattan mile transformed into a killing field yesterday, when a man rented a pickup truck and carried out his Jihad. “Rent me starting at $19” read the sign on the grotesquely bent truck, a painful testament to the disproportionate economies-of-scale of asymmetric warfare. In the city where law enforcement, intelligence, and anti-terrorism capabilities have been constant since 9/11, bent bicycle frames littered the streets like post-carnival decorations. Eight innocents died before the pickup hit […]

Personal Security: How to Keep a Healthy Perspective on Threat, Vulnerability and your Safety

Entering the arena of international business today is a risk not just to your company’s capital, or resources but also to the personal security of you and your employees who travel abroad. In the not too distant past, this dictum applied only to hostile third-world environments fraught with insurgencies, terrorism, or political upheaval. Sadly, personal risk to life and limb can just as easily apply in Europe, where normally safe tourist destinations or concert halls […]