Industrial Security protects the assets within a plant and the plant itself against unauthorized access, theft, sabotage, and malicious intent. At Butchko, we are well aware of the consequences of an unprepared and unsecured facility. The plant is an integral component of an organization's performance and any disruption in availability could impact investor, customer or supplier confidence.

The Butchko Solutions Process helps apply the principles of life cycle management to the integration of security, operations and logistics. Industrial Security is not solely about technical measures. Since it applies to a continuous process, every effort to integrate security business practices must be made.

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Why Butchko?

Process integrity and protection of raw materials used in manufacturing products, as well as safety in the work place are key elements of a safety and security program in industrial facilities. Whether it is copper that is smuggled out for scrap, carelessness in the process or union disputes impacting workforce morale, Butchko is experienced and prepared to step in and develop assessments and programs to mitigate these risks.