Mining & Energy

Mining & Energy

Harsh environments, poor infrastructure and high value products combine to make mining a huge challenge for security.

Butchko provides in depth support to mining sites including risk assessment, design, implementation and deployment of physical security devices and systems, security master planning, and operations. Our solutions are tailored to fit the environmental conditions unique to mines and remote energy locations. Butchko can save clients 25-50% of implementation costs from retrofitting and cost over-runs by deploying our project management methodology.

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Why Butchko?

Mining companies often operate in remote or hazardous environments where they face a unique set of challenges. The breadth and depth of infrastructure that most businesses take for granted is usually non-existent, so in addition to the usual exploration or production costs companies find themselves burdened by the costs of self-sufficiency. Clients come to Butchko to help their company or organization lower costs and improve safety and security without impeding operations.

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