Butchko's bSMART® is an Enterprise-Class Operations Risk Assessment and Compliance Software Tool, that provides in-depth understanding of risk, from strategic planning through crisis management, giving leaders an edge to successfully navigate dynamic challenges.

bSMART® Modules

bSMART® offers flexible modules to fit the needs of each client. Clients may select any combination of modules and can add additional modules at any time.

bSMART® Risk

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment Engine
  • Detailed Management Reports
  • Compliant With All Major Risk Assessment Standards

bSMART® Compliance

  • Performs and Manages Compliance Audits
  • Single Site to Enterprise Level

bSMART® Survey

  • Smart surveys for streamlined data collection
  • Fully customizable questionnaires
  • Seamless integration of information



  • Dynamic Risk Analysis
  • Integrated Operations Data
  • Streamlined Data Collection
  • Benefits Realized Across the Enterprise

Fully Customizable

  • Mobile Ready
  • Hosted or Standalone Applications
  • Enterprise-Class Encryption and Security
  • Visualization Dashboards
  • Full Reports with Filtering
  • Text and Email Alerting

Security Standard Adherence

  • ISO 31000
  • FEMA 452

  • NERC CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection)
  • ANSI / API 780

  • ASIS International

  • ARM (Analytical Risk Management)

  • Sandia National Laboratories RAM (Risk Assessment Methodology)
  • C-TPAT and NEEC


  • Choose One or All bSMARTTM Modules
  • Works Out of Box or Tailored to Client
  • Single Site to Enterprise Level Plans
  • Import/Export Functions

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