Butchko's bSMARTTM is an Enterprise-Class Risk Assessment and Compliance Software Tool, that provides in-depth understanding of risk, from strategic planning through crisis management, giving leaders an edge to successfully navigate dynamic challenges.

bSMARTTM Modules

bSMARTTM offers flexible modules to fit the needs of each client. Clients may select any combination of modules and can add additional modules at any time.


  • Dynamic Risk Assessment Engine
  • Detailed Management Reports
  • Compliant With All Major Risk Assessment Standards

bSMARTTM Compliance

  • Performs and Manages Compliance Audits
  • Single Site to Enterprise Level


  • Smart surveys for streamlined data collection
  • Fully customizable questionnaires
  • Seamless integration of information



  • Dynamic Risk Analysis
  • Integrated Operations Data
  • Streamlined Data Collection
  • Benefits Realized Across the Enterprise

Fully Customizable

  • Mobile Ready
  • Hosted or Standalone Applications
  • Enterprise-Class Encryption and Security
  • Visualization Dashboards
  • Full Reports with Filtering
  • Text and Email Alerting

Security Standard Adherence

  • ISO 31000
  • FEMA 452

  • NERC CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection)
  • ANSI / API 780

  • ASIS International

  • ARM (Analytical Risk Management)

  • Sandia National Laboratories RAM (Risk Assessment Methodology)
  • C-TPAT and NEEC


  • Choose One or All bSMARTTM Modules
  • Works Out of Box or Tailored to Client
  • Single Site to Enterprise Level Plans
  • Import/Export Functions

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