Electric & Gas Utilities Critical Infrastructure

Butchko’s methodology helps define the regulatory requirements against the solutions that will create a highly adaptable and resilient organization. This cannot be done in a vacuum. We look at the impact of your risks on the organization and on the community and then provide you a roadmap that makes sense.

In a world of shifting vulnerability, we at Butchko understood the need to re-assess our risk profiles, the frequency of those assessments, and the quality of our internal and external partnerships. Because of our experience with critical infrastructure in the private industry, Butchko has a vital role to play in connecting the ecosystem in and around our clients to protect the assets that will keep our communities safe and our industries resilient.

Why Butchko?

Critical infrastructure is increasingly targeted by threat actors intent on shutting down region-wide electrical grids, floodgate controls, or pipeline networks. Butchko closely monitors threat actor and event trends in this crucial sector, using data and trend analysis to predict shifts in the level of threat and risk to our clients.