Sustainable Operations Management

At Butchko we understand that security operations take place in dynamic, changing risk environments. Our deep experience in the security life cycle across a range of industries is reflected in our ability to capably manage and maintain programs and systems for our clients. Our experts can provide substantive policy and procedural expertise in support of security management. Furthermore, we believe that the networked world of security systems offers potential not only for enhanced risk reduction, but potential for business value.

Security Systems Administration

Security systems are increasingly a set of sophisticated, IT-networked based applications and hardware that represent an expensive, complex investment. Butchko provides a range of security systems network administrative support. If left unmanaged, a small issue can leave the technology managing the user and not the other way around. Our services ensure this does not happen and keep your systems running at top efficiency.

Technical Systems Operation Training

We work with major system manufacturers to gain an understanding of the intricacies of their systems and technologies and then pass that knowledge on to your staff through user-specific training and strategic technology roadmaps.

Operations Process Refinement

We will review your operations and make recommendations on refinements and process changes.

Dynamic Security Program Review

Each client will receive dynamic information on the status of their systems, including details of error codes, user access levels, and system failures.

Management Consulting

Our team will provide advice to management on the Right Technology, the Right Process, and the Right People to make your business operate more efficiently and effectively.