Realizing Sustainable Business Value Through Security Solutions

At Butchko, we strategically design global security solutions that compliment and enhance business operations. We provide the Right Technology, the Right Process, the Right Resources, and address the Right Problems to bring structure to projects and programs optimizing the security operation. We have the unique ability to match Resource, Process, & Technology to solve problems, maximize value, and improve business performance.

Assessment & Master Planning

Our Security Risk Assessment services have one clear goal: ensuring the objectives of your security program hit the mark every time. Risk assessments are tailored to the client’s unique needs utilizing qualitative or quantitative analysis of critical assets, relevant threats, and vulnerabilities.


Butchko's concept and detailed security system designs are carefully crafted to ensure that our client’s risks are mitigated and system requirements are met. Our detailed engineering documentation is meticulously prepared and updated to make sure that suppliers and installers have consistent, accurate information for procurement and installation.

Implementation & Commissioning

Butchko manages the project implementation and commissioning cycle for legacy system upgrades, new system installation or hybrids of both. We believe in tightly calibrated project management that anticipates and adapts to changes as they occur through the lifetime of the project to ensure that implementation phases meet each gateway on time, at or under budget, and fully prepared to move on to the next phase of the project.

Sustainable Operations Management

Butchko offers the ability to manage and maintain programs and systems for our clients. Our experts can provide substantive policy and procedural expertise in support of security management. We believe that the networked world of security systems offers potential not only for enhanced risk reduction, but potential for business value.