Case Study: Technology Roadmap and Master Plan

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Butchko, Inc. was engaged by a premier, multi-national oilfield services company to design global technology standards for its worldwide operations. The standards represented a risk-based security strategy and were to become the organization’s technology roadmap.


Using a three-tiered risk rating scale and a consistent risk assessment, strategy, the company’s facilities were divided into Low, Medium and High Risk sites. The security standards were designed to align with the risk ratings and conform to business operations objectives. Security technology (access control, video, intrusion detection, voice communications, security operations centers (SOCs), and supporting information technologies (IT) infrastructure), associated procedures and personnel needs are all addressed in the standards. We were able to create a more efficient, timely, and effective process for project planning, management and execution through coordination with facilities, real estate, and information technologies departments within the company.

Butchko provided detailed designs for 15 facilities and 150 facility concept designs, all using the standards outlined during the master planning activities.


Once these standards were adopted, the company was able to leverage the reductions in design, purchasing, installation, and systems operation costs to allow for a 25% increase in the number of facilities protected with no increase in the security budget or operations staff. The cost and time savings were realized in streamlined construction documents, procurement and project management tasks.

In addition, Butchko provided training and mentoring to the company’s security team so they could operate more efficiently and effectively on future projects that blend people, technology and process. Butchko provided the client a framework and knowledge base so they could develop their own staff and reduce their reliance on outside experts. Thus, Butchko moved from a design role into the role of mentor and extreme condition problem-solver.