Charles Goslin

Personal Security: How to Keep a Healthy Perspective on Threat, Vulnerability and your Safety

Entering the arena of international business today is a risk not just to your company’s capital, or resources but also to the personal security of you and your employees who travel abroad. In the not too distant past, this dictum applied only to hostile third-world environments fraught with insurgencies, terrorism, or political upheaval. Sadly, personal risk to life and limb can just as easily apply in Europe, where normally safe tourist destinations or concert halls […]

Pipeline Activism Expected to Rise Significantly

What on earth do “Water Protectors”, “Doxxing”, or “Valve Turners” have in common?  These arcane terms describe different tactics used within the murky world of pipeline activism and protest.  Pipeline protests – a familiar headache in the oil and gas industry – had been in a kind of remission until last July when Dakota Access, a subsidiary of the Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, received permit approval by the North Dakota Public Service Commission to begin […]

The Russians are coming? Why Attention to Cyber Defense is more critical than ever

The new-found “Red Scare” arising from the revelation of Russian-government directed cyber attacks against the U.S., reminds me of a wonderful line from the movie “Casablanca.”  Captain Renault, a reluctant Vichy-police official with rather flexible views on the vice of gambling, is pressured by the Nazi’s to find any pretext to close down “Rick’s American Café.”  Summoning all the false outrage he can muster, Renault struts into the Café amid a police raid and declares […]

Physical Security Principles and the Test of Time: A “Forensic Risk Assessment” of Machu Picchu

In the high mists of the Peruvian jungle is an elegant testament to the effectiveness of carefully layered physical security design principles.  It has stood the test of time, the elements, and – most importantly – the Spanish Conquistadores. It is the Incan citadel known as Machu Picchu (translated “old mountain”), located deep in the Cordillera Vilcabamba, on the eastern slopes of the Andes mountains.  A few weeks ago I visited this remote mountaintop location […]

In Emergency Preparedness, Timing is Everything

Closing and locking the barn door does not make very much sense if the horses have already bolted.  That bit of farm-life wisdom illustrates our point for today – the importance of timing when developing emergency safety and security plans. The operative word when it comes to emergency preparations is…“emergency.”  Whether one calls it a crisis, a contingency, or just Plan B – the point is this:  time becomes a precious commodity in the midst […]