Michael Butchko

Security Threats in Times of Uncertainty

Not so long ago the world and the United States’ role in it were relatively stable.  The US was the unquestionable economic and military leader.  The economy was beginning to come out of recession.  Life was pretty good.   Times have changed.  On the international stage, China’s increasingly overt aggression in the Asian-Pacific region and Russia’s expansion into Ukraine, saber-rattling in Eastern Europe and very muscular moves in Syria represent serious challenges.  Iran has a […]


There is an old adage about leadership that remains true today. While a manager is designated by position on a company’s organization chart, being a leader has nothing to do with the place on the chart.  You can find a leader literally anywhere on the chart or even off of the chart altogether. Leaders are followed by people from whom they have earned respect, and people follow because they are inspired and don’t want to let the […]

The Human Factor in Security Design & Operations

When Low-Tech is Ignored, High-Tech is Doomed to Failure In the increasingly sophisticated and high-tech world of security systems, the human factor is critical, but often overlooked. Humans control the use and response to the technology.  After all, they hold the keys to the castle. A system might be otherwise excellent but can be ineffective or may even fail altogether if the human element is not properly addressed during the design phase and supported throughout […]

Put Security in its Place

Does the leadership of your company give much thought to its security posture? They should.  Security operations overarch and underpin successful enterprises. How well it is integrated into the company will determine its effectiveness and efficiency. If your company is stove piped and the CEO/COO is the only integrator, you have a problem experienced by many companies.  In our experience, the most successful companies are integrated in a fashion that enables each VP/Director to understand cross-company impacts […]