Butchko, Inc. Presents at TechSec Solutions, New Technology Conference 2015

Benjamin M. Butchko will be part of two panels at the upcoming 2015 TechSec Solutions Conference. TechSec brings together manufacturers, suppliers, installers, consultants, and end-users in an interactive discussion to review trends in the industry and share insights from their different perspectives. It is a dynamic gathering of industry thought leaders – presenting the good, the bad, and the ugly in the industry in an impartial forum.
TechSec Solutions is about creating the technology road map. The editors of Security Systems News and Security Director News, in collaboration with industry experts and advisors, have developed a dynamic educational program that takes us forward in time. We’ve analyzed the security technologies and trends on the horizon to bring you the future of security today.”

We invite you to attend the event and join our two panel discussions:

Proprietary Jail: Is the Industry Bailing on Open Systems?
Tuesday, February 3, 10:30-11:30 AM

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen video surveillance manufacturers get into access control, access control manufacturers get into video and one video company buying another. Hear from two leading integrators and two leading consultants about their experiences and how they believe this kind of M&A and expansion activity affects the “openness” of security technology and work on standards. What does this trend mean for integrators and end users? Does it signal progress or foreshadow a return to proprietary systems?

  • David Sime, VP of Engineering and Delivery, CONTAVA
  • Joseph Grillo, CEO, ACRE LLC / Managing Director, Vanderbilt International
  • Benjamin M. Butchko, President and CEO, Butchko, Inc.
  • Moderated by Chris Peckham, Senior VP, Chief Technology Officer and Special Projects KRATOS|HBE

Is PSIM Ready for Prime Time?
Wednesday, February 4, 1:30-2:30 PM

PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) may have different definitions, depending on the audience or the supplier. How does PSIM differ from situational awareness, or does it? Does PSIM work? Is it too costly? Is it only for large installations? This panel of knowledgeable security professionals with differing, and possibly conflicting, points of view will address these questions and more. They’ll provide a clear understanding of PSIM technology, application areas, pitfalls, and guidelines.

  • Rob Hile, Director Strategic Accounts, Sureview Systems
  • Richard Beard, President, KapLogic
  • Bob Banerjee, Senior Director, Consultants, A&Es, NICE
  • Benjamin M. Butchko, President and CEO, Butchko, Inc.
  • Moderated by Ray Coulombe, Founder, SecuritySpecifiers.com