Benjamin Butchko


This issue of The Eight Questions addresses key elements of a testing plan for new processes or technology systems.  Just because the supplier says they did a good job and should be compensated, is that good enough for your organization?  Understanding and applying proven project management principles along with business acumen will serve you well.  These questions get you started on a pathway to operational success! Download the full document –

What Is Your Design Goal: A Security System or an Operational Solution?

Although this may sound like a simple concept, it’s surprisingly misunderstood and overlooked. From an owner’s point of view, there is a business purpose that drives their definition of value. Almost invariably, where security solutions are employed, they must be in support of a larger business mission. It is what owners expect, whether stated explicitly or not. At Butchko, we understand this dynamic and when we engage, we ensure there is a value discussion as […]

Lessons Learned from the Project Trenches: Part 2 – PROJECT MANAGEMENT

What are the two biggest predictors of a security technology project success?  Performance expectations and requirements that are clear, and a project that is well-managed from start to finish.   If you don’t have the performance expectations correct, there is no way to measure if the project meets the needs of the stakeholders.  Expectation-setting, as well as managing the project itself is more art than science.  However, careful attention to details in advance along with stakeholder […]