The Eight Questions – Security Operations Centers

This issue of The Eight Questions addresses key elements of a planning a Security Operations Center (SOC); Global Security Operations Center (GSOC); or a Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) center.  Whether supporting a single location or global assets, clearing understanding objectives in both normal and crisis conditions will … Read more

The Eight Questions – Solution Testing & Acceptance

This issue of The Eight Questions addresses key elements of a testing plan for new processes or technology systems.  Just because the supplier says they did a good job and should be compensated, is that good enough for your organization?  Understanding and applying proven project management principles along with business … Read more

The Eight Questions – Resilience in Software-Based Systems

This issue of The Eight Questions addresses challenges and helps avoid harmful, yet common, practices in deploying and managing critical software-based solutions.  The key is to ensure the operational continuity and resilience of these systems which are critical to day-to-day operations and compliance.

Data Analytics Offer Exciting Cew Possibilities for Security Operations Centers

I recently met with the CEOs and executive teams of some leading video and security operations center software providers and some interesting patterns developed.  These companies are serious about developing solutions that incorporate pure data analytics into their products.  This is exciting for the solution providers and offers great potential … Read more

Smooth Out the Wrinkles in Your Security Program

All organizations deal with risk.  Without risk, there can be no positive return.  But when an organization falls on the negative side of the risk equation, the consequences can be devastating. Prosperous organizations manage that risk with a healthy risk tolerance.  This tolerance varies from one group to the next, … Read more