The Eight Questions – Managing Technology & Process Implementation

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The Eight Questions series provides business leaders with tools to take a project or topic from inception to successful operation, spanning challenges from executive management to technology detail.

We are often asked by senior business leaders: “What should I be asking my operations resilience leaders?”

Although that can be a loaded question, here are eight questions we believe have merit and can be the starting point for an intelligent and valuable conversation.

  1. How does the introduction of this technology match our company’s acceptance of new technology and approach for managing legacy systems?
  2. Does the new solution follow the same paradigm and operational processes as the existing solution? Explain why the new solution is our preferred choice?
  3. What other operations systems and processes are impacted or will require modification support successful? 
  4. How are support organizations and system infrastructure impacts being managed throughout the process? How are those stakeholders integrated into your planning?
  5. Are we ready to make this change?  What steps have been taken to vet the deployment plan and ensure robustness?
  6. What are the measurement criteria for project completion success and how is intermediate progress assessed for positive support of the overall project success?
  7. Explain the basis of your confidence in your transition plans to ensure successful continuity of operations during the new solution installation and transition to operation.  How does this fit within the capabilities of your team (people, funds, equipment, time)?
  8. What are your fallback options in the event of unforeseen deployment challenges or technology failures? 

Butchko, Inc. can be an invaluable resource to proactively assess programs and assist leaders in answering these critical questions. We do this using the disciplined and success-driven Butchko Solutions Process.