The Eight Questions – Systems Design

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The Eight Questions series provides business leaders with tools to take a project or topic from inception to successful operation, spanning challenges from executive management to technology detail. These elements of the Butchko Solutions Process provide an introductory tool to guide leaders through the technology and business process lifecycle. Butchko, Inc. extends these Eight Questions to prioritize, design, implement, and verify enhancements that fit into your organizational culture, achieve balanced system performance, and meet sustainable budget and schedule targets.

We are often asked by senior level business executives: “What questions should I be asking internal stakeholders and potential suppliers when preparing for a design project?”

Although that can be a loaded question, here are eight questions we believe have merit and can be the starting point for an intelligent and valuable conversation.

  1. Is this an existing facility upgrade or new construction, and how will that impact the design and system deployment process?
  2. Have you and your partners managed projects like this before? What problems arose on previous projects? What were the indicators of the problems, and how were they resolved?
  3. Do you have an architect or design firm engaged and were security expectations addressed during the selection and preliminary design?
  4. Will the facility or building be in use during the project? Does it affect the entire facility or just parts? Do you understand the constraints and operational impacts of concurrent operations?
  5. Do you have a set of security expectations for this facility? Were these created from an operations risk assessment?
  6. Who is championing and stewarding the execution of this project? Real Estate? The C-suite? Security? IT?
  7. What kind of design team support do you envision having during the construction phase?
  8. What outcome will define success for the project and how will it be measured?

Butchko, Inc. can be an invaluable resource to proactively assess programs and assist leaders in answering these critical questions. We do this using the disciplined and success-driven Butchko Solutions Process.