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The Vulnerability of South Texas Pipelines

I have often said that opportunities along the U.S.–Mexico border are as vast as it landscape. However, those opportunities are not without risk. Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter’s most recent press release highlights the real threat that exists in South Texas [Porter Voices Concerns Over South Texas Pipelines Commissioner Visits Sites along Texas-Mexico Border]. Commissioner Porter is correct in his assessment that “the unfettered flow of illegal aliens complicates [oil and gas industry] efforts” to secure […]

Eagle Ford Revisited

It is easy to dismiss the chronic issue of human and drug smuggling in the Eagle Ford Shale Play as “the way it has always been in this part of Texas,” throw up a game fence, and get on with operations. This is a very shortsighted, naïve approach to the issue that does not take into account how much things have changed in the region. Bluntly put, it’s not your grandfather – or even your […]