At the risk of tooting our own horn, here at Butchko we quietly put our heads together and did something really innovative and different. Between our small group of professionals, we have something like 80-years of collective experience in the security business; threat and risk, security planning, design, implementation…the whole ball of wax.  We have seen the risk assessment process misused, misapplied, and contorted out of any semblance of quality or accuracy through underfunding, practitioner […]

Making Sense of Security Investment

When does it make sense for a business to consider investment in security protection measures such as alarms, barriers, cyber controls, or guards?   Spending on security protective measures for small to medium sized businesses is a big deal even in the best of times.  In the absence of a well-calculated return-on-investment argument, profit will trump the opaque “what if’s” of security risk every time.   Concrete, practical, sensible security protection strategies must be articulated in terms […]

Corporate Mission Drives the Risk Program

Today’s SecurityInfoWatch article entitled, “New threat metrics motivate integrators to offer enhanced solutions,” provides great insight into the needs of and components to programmatic risk management.  At Butchko, we support Aronson Security Group’s (ASG) initiative in this area – not simply because is aligns with our own recommended approach, but because it drives the vision with a data-driven and programmatic solution.  The ESRM  (Enterprise Security Risk Management) program ASG has developed is complimented by both […]

Business Risk: Why Good Intelligence is Critical

Three dimensional chess is an apt analogy for the mental contortions the CEO of a multinational company must endure when contemplating risks to the enterprise.  The variants to this game, played out in real life, involve global time zones, shifting business alliances, natural disasters and climatic events, geo-political upheaval, and of course the eternal push and pull of market forces and competition. Security becomes a relative term when considered in this context. From the perspective […]

Having a “Crystal Ball”: The Ability to Predict Events and Trends Before They Occur

What would it be worth to your company right now to have your own personal “Merlin,” complete with a crystal ball? Having such a capability could provide you future market trends, competitor plans, or potential impacts of your own decisions…all before they happen.  The potential to have this capability is no longer in the realm of fiction.  It is very real, and it represents a powerful business advantage to those who utilize it. Ultimately, one’s […]