“Soft Targets” and the Invisible Veterans in Our Midst

We are used to seeing our beloved veterans returning home from war. Tearful reunions with family, friends, and loved ones in the airport. They come back to a grateful nation, VA benefits, and lifelong support – as it should be. But there is another kind of veteran returning from war that we don’t see, and he may pose a deadly threat to our country. He will not be wearing a uniform, or carrying a duffle […]

Butchko’s Charles Goslin Delivers Lecture at Stephen F. Austin State University

Butchko Senior Planning and Assessment Advisor Charles E. Goslin was invited by Nacogdoches Police Chief Jim Sevey and Stephen F. Austin State University‘s Department of Criminal Justice to lecture on Militant Islamic Extremism and the Terrorist Mindset on Tuesday, November 10, 2015.   Over 70 students from the University attended the lecture, which covered the history and rise of radical Islam, Al Qaida, ISIS, the terrorist radicalization process and the role of the internet, recruitment of women […]