ESC Winter Meeting Recap

The theme at last week’s Energy Security Council‘s (ESC) Winter 2016 Conference was dealing with crises.  From the recent resurgence of terrorism in the west, how to plan for and survive active shooter events, lessons-learned from a “Black Swan” event, to how to intelligently anticipate future risk events in the sea of metadata , the speakers provided a number of different perspectives and insights on preparing for and dealing with crisis situations when they arise.   Butchko’s […]

Charles Goslin ESC

“Soft Targets” and the Invisible Veterans in Our Midst

We are used to seeing our beloved veterans returning home from war. Tearful reunions with family, friends, and loved ones in the airport. They come back to a grateful nation, VA benefits, and lifelong support – as it should be. But there is another kind of veteran returning from war that we don’t see, and he may pose a deadly threat to our country. He will not be wearing a uniform, or carrying a duffle […]

Shopping Malls? Take the Threat Seriously – They Are In the Terrorist Playbook

When it comes to the next terrorist attack, you can bet on one thing: It probably will not happen at the Mall of the Americas, London’s Oxford Street or Canada’s West Edmonton shopping complex. These venues are on high security alert after this weekend’s threat issued by the Al-Qaida affiliated Somali terrorist group Al Shabab. The physical security countermeasures and incident response plans were on full display on all the television networks and they were […]