The Time Value of Data in Security

We manage our business processes through technology. Yet when asked for data related to these activities, managers are frequently ill-prepared to respond.

Access to real-time data matters and the most progressive security executives appreciate the value. A growing number of consultants and integrators are focused on the transformation of businesses and security operations, as well as risk mitigation metrics. But rare is the security executive who appreciates the value or believes they need data in real time.

The ability to understand the impact of data in real-time enables leaders to take actions that positively impact events as they occur and preempt and/or reduce the damages impact on the business.

At Butchko, we believe our clients need to:

  • Understand in near real-time how, to what degree, and where infrastructure is handicapped by terrorists, criminals, systems failures, or natural events without the need for time-consuming analysis.
  • Apply business intelligence and dispatch assets to resolve regional and national issues in real-time.
  • Support more intelligent conversations between security stakeholders, business supply chains, and customers.
  • Improve business services restoration, operational resilience, and competitive advantage.
  • Visualize “situational awareness” through detailed maps and displays of what is occurring, who is being impacted, and the resource needs in the area.

When the CSO realizes he can use the same data mining and analysis techniques to provide continuous improvement of his or her people, processes, and tools, then the following benefits are realizable:

  • Real-time visibility into workforce activities and indicators of impending performance problems.
  • Identification of poor performance, root causes, and areas needing corrective actions.
  • Faster and higher quality installations of security solutions, positively impacting company operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Optimized allocation of personnel and assets.
  • Scheduling and workforce optimization.
  • Management of service contracts to ensure deliverables are visible and actionable.
  • Better utilization of subcontractor resources to fill in workload gaps.
  • Improved overall operational efficiency.
  • Substantiated leadership and management proficiency of the Security Program.

Lesson Learned

“Build the capability to measure results upfront in order to substantiate project benefits and sustain support.”


Security is just one of many industries set to utilize data in creating high performance organizations. What is known from the successes in other industries is that the benefits of real-time data…are real.