Butchko Ten Year Anniversary Part II

Butchko: Reflecting on the Security Market in Our 10th Year As most people know, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary on May 4. In my last blog I provided a glimpse of how Butchko Inc. was formed, paying particular attention to our values and competencies that made us successful. In … Read more

Butchko Ten Year Anniversary Part I

See a Need and Fill It: The Story of Butchko, Inc. Ten Years ago on May 4, 2004, I founded Butchko, Inc. I had been the senior security engineer at ExxonMobil, leading risk assessments around the globe and guiding technology strategy. In my time at ExxonMobil, I witnessed the positioning … Read more

Leadership Innovation and Change at ISC West 2014

Benjamin Butchko, our President and CEO, was selected to be a Judge for the New Product Showcase at the Security Industry Association’s premier program at ISC West 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We asked him to share his insights from the program. The role of “Judge” at the New Product … Read more

Insights From the Great Conversation 2014

On March 4th, the Sage Group hosted The Great Conversation in Seattle, Washington. The opening video interviews with executives said it all: “What is Changing in Your World?” All the leaders are experiencing change. This is not only escalating global risk and regulatory expectations, but also changes in expectations from … Read more

An Open Letter to My CEO

Every CEO faces the challenge of managing risk and opportunity. They are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other. When you sit down with your management team, you expect them to provide you the right information at the right time with the context of … Read more

Why Metrics?

Now, more than ever, the security industry must focus on deriving value from the data that is collected from its people, processes, and technology solutions. Managing business operations and all-hazards risk is becoming more complex and expensive. Effective use of security and operations metrics improves the probability of success. How … Read more