Texas Oil Routes are Turning Deadly

In a recent Bloomberg Business Week article, writer Joe Carroll’s highlights the gritty, tough landscape of South Texas border country where security issues – very similar to those unfolding in the Eagle Ford Shale Play – continue to evolve.   It is something we are talking about a lot at Butchko … Read more

The Role of Oil and Gas in Russia’s State Economy

As Winston Churchill famously said of Russia, “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” Indeed, the opaque nature of Vladimir Putin’s most recent aggression in Ukraine – Russian-speaking “insurgents” with balaclava’s and unmarked uniforms, mysterious pipeline explosions followed by near real-time Russian media coverage, and a … Read more

Opportunity is Realized Through Preparation

At Butchko, Inc., we realize that our presence in an organization provides the opportunity to challenge old assumptions about people and their roles, core processes, and the technology or tools they use to succeed. Why is this important to our clients? Opportunity for value generation and the mitigation of risk … Read more

Yemen’s Post-Arab Spring Threat Assessment

On 26 June 2014, a group suspected to be Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) launched an attack on the International Airport in Seiyun, a city in the remote Hadhramaut region of Eastern Yemen. Seiyun is located in the oil-producing part of the country. While the attack appears to … Read more

The Time Value of Data in Security

We manage our business processes through technology. Yet when asked for data related to these activities, managers are frequently ill-prepared to respond. Access to real-time data matters and the most progressive security executives appreciate the value. A growing number of consultants and integrators are focused on the transformation of businesses … Read more

Is Mexico the Next Frontier for Oil & Gas?

On May 27, 2014, I attended the Petroleum Connection’s, “Mexico Oil & Gas Opportunities Update.” The focus of the event was to provide companies with insights into the changing landscape of the oil & gas industry in Mexico as the industry is reformed and deregulated. Big changes are occurring rapidly … Read more

Where There Is Risk, There Is Opportunity

A Recap of the Energy Security Council’s Annual Conference The recent 2014 Energy Security Council (ESC) Conference focused on fracking and related challenges to the industry. This could be one of the last events where all of the “usual suspects,” in terms of security challenges to the oil & gas … Read more

Butchko Ten Year Anniversary Part II

Butchko: Reflecting on the Security Market in Our 10th Year As most people know, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary on May 4. In my last blog I provided a glimpse of how Butchko Inc. was formed, paying particular attention to our values and competencies that made us successful. In … Read more

Butchko Ten Year Anniversary Part I

See a Need and Fill It: The Story of Butchko, Inc. Ten Years ago on May 4, 2004, I founded Butchko, Inc. I had been the senior security engineer at ExxonMobil, leading risk assessments around the globe and guiding technology strategy. In my time at ExxonMobil, I witnessed the positioning … Read more