Data analytics offer exciting new possibilities for security operations centers

I recently met with the CEOs and executive teams of some leading video and security operations center software providers and some interesting patterns developed.  These companies are serious about developing solutions that incorporate pure data analytics into their products.  This is exciting for the solution providers and offers great potential for companies.  Strong data analysis can provide predictive information to support proactive decision-making, improving security effectiveness, increasing the value delivered to the overall business, and […]

Having a “Crystal Ball”: The Ability to Predict Events and Trends Before They Occur

What would it be worth to your company right now to have your own personal “Merlin,” complete with a crystal ball? Having such a capability could provide you future market trends, competitor plans, or potential impacts of your own decisions…all before they happen.  The potential to have this capability is no longer in the realm of fiction.  It is very real, and it represents a powerful business advantage to those who utilize it. Ultimately, one’s […]

Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything.  Yes, it is so cliché to say such a thing. However, the ability to control every detail of timing – particularly in the world of international supply chain logistics – truly defines the difference between success and failure.  As Woody Allen famously said, “Ninety percent of life is showing up.” In the dynamic, fast-moving logistics industry, one might add “…showing up on time.” Engineering control of risk through the dynamic, unpredictable supply […]

Safeguarding Marine Logistics

Today’s sea lanes are more crowded than they have ever been, chock-a-block with bigger [fatter] tankers, heavier loads, and more containers jammed to the hilt with manufactured goods from China, Indonesia, the U.S., Latin America, and elsewhere. In the meantime, the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place. The lifeblood of commerce must flow, unimpeded, through such chokepoints as the Straits of Hormuz, the Straits of Malacca, the Bosporus, Dardanelles, the Suez Canal and the […]