emergency response

In Emergency Preparedness, Timing is Everything

Closing and locking the barn door does not make very much sense if the horses have already bolted.  That bit of farm-life wisdom illustrates our point for today – the importance of timing when developing emergency safety and security plans. The operative word when it comes to emergency preparations is…“emergency.”  Whether one calls it a crisis, a contingency, or just Plan B – the point is this:  time becomes a precious commodity in the midst […]

Does your Security Operations Center do what you need it to do?

No matter what combination of letters it goes by (SOC, ESOC, GSOC, AMC, NOC, MC, OC, PCC, SCC – the list seems to go on forever), most Security Operations Center have two common features: A bank of operator workstations, each with two to six monitors A wall of monitors displaying a continuous stream of information     But are they all really the same? Some are public relations showpieces. These commonly have glass walls, shiny […]