The Risk of Cascading Events

The recent unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina brings to mind and old adage:  ‘for want of a nail, the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe, the horse was lost; for want of a horse, the rider was lost; for want of a rider, the battle and a country … Read more

Smooth Out the Wrinkles in Your Security Program

All organizations deal with risk.  Without risk, there can be no positive return.  But when an organization falls on the negative side of the risk equation, the consequences can be devastating. Prosperous organizations manage that risk with a healthy risk tolerance.  This tolerance varies from one group to the next, … Read more


There is an old adage about leadership that remains true today. While a manager is designated by position on a company’s organization chart, being a leader has nothing to do with the place on the chart.  You can find a leader literally anywhere on the chart or even off of … Read more


At the risk of tooting our own horn, here at Butchko we quietly put our heads together and did something really innovative and different. Between our small group of professionals, we have something like 80-years of collective experience in the security business; threat and risk, security planning, design, implementation…the whole … Read more

Making Sense of Security Investment

When does it make sense for a business to consider investment in security protection measures such as alarms, barriers, cyber controls, or guards?   Spending on security protective measures for small to medium sized businesses is a big deal even in the best of times.  In the absence of a well-calculated … Read more

Asking “Why” First

The recent article “Defining the threat in the energy sector,” (CSO Online, 12 April 2016) makes an excellent point about the analysis of threat, that we at Butchko have hammered on for as long as we can remember.  Threat must to be relevant, or it is not a threat.  How … Read more

The Human Factor in Security Design & Operations

When Low-Tech is Ignored, High-Tech is Doomed to Failure In the increasingly sophisticated and high-tech world of security systems, the human factor is critical, but often overlooked. Humans control the use and response to the technology.  After all, they hold the keys to the castle. A system might be otherwise … Read more