Can’t we all just get along? The divide between Physical Security and IT.

Physical Security and IT…blending the two remains a bit like trying to mix oil and water.  The two liquids will co-exist in the same bottle, but stubbornly resist any kind of merging at the molecular level. Traditional physical security designs and technology have, until recently, traveled parallel paths with traditional logical and information security designs and policies.  Rarely did the two meet; security management administered the physical security sphere of operations, and the IT department […]

Security Video: The Payoff is in the Planning

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  So how much is a video worth?  Well, if it doesn’t show what you need, with sufficient clarity to answer key questions, then our answer is worthless. At Butchko, we are often asked to help companies sort through the capabilities and hype surrounding security technologies, and video is a frequent topic in those discussions. Video systems and the data they generate can be extremely […]

Apple vs. the FBI: A Game of Tug of War

Privacy vs. Security:   The rights of the individual versus the needs of the collective This old conflict is playing out on a new stage in the debate between Apple and the FBI over the San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook’s locked iPhone. The FBI is demanding Apple’s assistance in breaking through their encryption in order to analyze the phone’s contents, while Apple is refusing to create a “backdoor” into their software, which they fear […]

Butchko, Inc. Presents at TechSec Solutions, New Technology Conference 2015

Benjamin M. Butchko will be part of two panels at the upcoming 2015 TechSec Solutions Conference. TechSec brings together manufacturers, suppliers, installers, consultants, and end-users in an interactive discussion to review trends in the industry and share insights from their different perspectives. It is a dynamic gathering of industry thought leaders – presenting the good, the bad, and the ugly in the industry in an impartial forum. “TechSec Solutions is about creating the technology road […]

Sony, NERC & Cyber Vulnerability

To the chagrin of just about everyone, Sony capitulated to the hacker’s demands and threats – sending absolutely the wrong message.  What was Sony thinking? From a long-term view and national perspective, the action they took was in error. If you give in to the demands of terrorists, they will be emboldened to attack again. Further, there is a ripple effect – other threat actors around the world are watching and are inspired by the […]